Handling unexpected unemployment

Graduation, company downscale, seeking out new opportunities. Whatever the circumstance, unexpected unemployment is an unfortunate turn of events that most people don't handle very well. Having graduated four years ago, [...]

Making the best use of your summer

Summer holidays are synonymous with a great many things; beaches, lazy mornings, family trips, and epic parties. But for those entering their final year or planning to attend university, there [...]

The importance of summer jobs

Summer jobs have become a right of passage. They are one of the first steps to independence for most youth. They provide an opportunity to learn the value of money, [...]

Learning a new language at any age

It’s said so often that it’s become a running joke. “I took two/three/four years of Spanish/German/French in school, but all I remember is (insert awkward and useless phrase here).” Learning [...]

Notes for success

Inventors, scientists, writers, singers, and songwriters all agree; your brain is bad at remembering things. Great ideas often come to us when we least expect it. That is to say; [...]

Habits of a successful employee

Every industry attracts a particular type of individual, and every job description calls for a specific set of skills. But some habits help to distinguish those who succeed from those [...]

The course, the prestige, the location

These are the deciding factors when deciding to apply to university. Once you have all of your options, how do you decide which will be your firm and insurance choice? [...]

Getting into the habit of reading

There is more treasure in books than all pirate's loot on Treasure Island. -Walt Disney- Continuing education is a must for everybody, regardless of your ambitions. The people who get [...]

Handling the negotiation process

Applications, aptitude tests, interviews – a typical pathway before you are fortunate enough to be offered your dream role. As you sort out paperwork, you get asked “what is your [...]

Goal setting at work

In the world of work, an evaluation provides the perfect opportunity to discuss what is working and what can be improved. One of the key elements of an appraisal is [...]

How to be consistent

February is upon us, and it’s safe to say that most of us who began the new year with a list of goals and new habits that we wanted to [...]

A legal love letter

Just over fourteen years ago I was called to the Bar of England & Wales. For the majority of the career that has followed, I have specialised in child care [...]

What is the UK sleep walking into?

Why is a college education so expensive in the United States? Long gone are the days when you could relatively easily work part-time during the school term, save money from [...]

Transitioning into the workplace

After a few months into your dream job it is almost inevitable that you will start to question your career choice. The realities of the workplace will begin to settle [...]

No regrets. Really?

We all wish we could go back in time and redo moments in our history. The moments that matter can be as trivial as getting up a few minutes late [...]

Reading might be the answer!

Often people who achieve great success in life display a dizzying array of traits that most of us do not innately have. Focus, drive, ingenuity, discipline and an uncanny intuition [...]

Job or Career – Creatives (Part – 2)

Anybody who has ever expressed an interest in becoming an “artist” has probably dealt with a slew of well-meaning people trying to dash their hopes and kill their dreams; quietly. [...]

The Wonder woman effect

The new Wonder Woman movie, with its images of sword-wielding is reported to be progressive yet crowd pleasing, faithful to the tenets of the genre yet wise to its own [...]

Are you an overachiever?

For thousands of students across the country, A Level results day will be the first step on the path to independence. Some of you are the 'top dogs,' achieving the [...]

Do you have a Desmond or a Geoff?

The propaganda is that graduating from university is the first step to making the world your own; the world is your oyster. However, this idea can become stressful when you [...]

Time to adult up

In recent years a new verb has become part of our popular lexicon. Adult. As in, how to adult. As millennials graduate and move away from the world of academia, [...]

Job or Careers Part 1

Journey’s end. I have finished my degree or postgraduate qualification. No more studying for me. A huge sigh of relief. Now I need a job, or am I after a [...]

The dilemma, post-graduate vs graduate jobs

Deciding what to do after you have handed in your final assignment is never easy. Choosing between one or another graduate scheme, comparing the pros and cons, is difficult at [...]

Life long learning

One of the key characteristics of people who master a craft, who are frequently promoted and/or have longevity in their careers is their commitment to learning. Most graduates leave the [...]

I am an entrepreneur, I can go it alone!

Being your own boss sounds like an awesome adventure. You have the flexibility and creativity to do what you want. You can progress as far and as fast as your [...]

Graduate Finance – the stark reality

As you prepare for your final set of university assignments, the next stage of adulthood becomes a lot more uncertain. For some, it is chasing that dream career and relocating [...]

Stress, what stress? Do your worst!

We have all seen athletes choke, not perform when they really need to. After months of practice and years of hard work, their skills and experience fail them when they [...]

Making the best use of time

Time. We all want more of it but sadly it's a request that can never be granted. It doesn't matter whether you are taking your first year exams or handing [...]

Social Media: Watch what you say!

  In 2015, news circulated of a woman who lost her job because she listed on Facebook the different ways she thought her boss was an idiot. Although comical at [...]

Social Media Branding

Everybody knows that potential employers are going to Google you. Pictures of you, drunk during the holidays and dancing on tables are not ideal for social sharing. And yet, every [...]

Social Media Trends: Winners and Losers

  Once upon a time marketing gurus spent time trying to predict which new social media apps would be the next big thing. In recent years, with few exceptions, there [...]

Plan Early and Avoid Stress

  Careers have always been presented as things that people just have. They happen after you get the appropriate qualifications and training and gain employment with a company looking for [...]

The power of networking

  For some the path to that perfect career is straightforward. For most the path is not so simple. Unless you undertake a vocational degree such as medicine, dentistry or [...]

Making the best choice of university

  For the majority of students, picking the best university to meet their personal preferences of course and future career can be a daunting task. With the number of career [...]

Getting the Most Out of a Careers Fair

  Career fairs can feel more like Carnaby Street market than an opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective employers. The truth is that whether or not they have vacancies many [...]

New Year Resolutions for School Leavers

  As we move into the new year there is a tendency for people to make grandiose resolutions. “New year, new me” has become little more than a comical meme [...]

So, what actually is an apprenticeship?

  An apprenticeship is one of the oldest and most widely spread forms of learning. Every culture and civilisation has a rich tradition of young people, leaving childhood formally to [...]

My Career wish list for my child

  My Christmas experiences have only ever been wonderful and it continues to be my wish that this rings true for every and anybody who celebrates Christmas. When my daughter [...]

So, what are your post 16 options?

  When it comes to post 16 options, many school leavers struggle to try to decide what to do next. There is a lot of positive propaganda surrounding the many [...]

Are Russell Group Universities worth it?

  Their opening argument is very impressive. In short, we the 24 elite research-intensive, world-class universities are all unique institutions that share three distinguishing characteristics; a commitment to maintaining the [...]

Oxbridge, is it worth applying?

  The education at Oxford, Cambridge and other elite universities in the UK is by in large both inspiring and of the highest quality. It’s personal, rigorous and honest. The [...]

Attitude is everything!

The right attitude can determine the difference between a lifetime of failures and one’s eventual success.

Millennials – your turn!

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1999 are estimated to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025.

Black Graduates: beating the odds

When my son was about 13 and representing his school in squash against a rival school he reminded me of the importance of focussing on the solution and not the problem.


“Schools, where pupils fail to get good GCSE grades in English and Maths, should pay a levy to fund pupils who re-take their exams in further education colleges”, says a think tank.

The numbers tell the story

When asked by year 12 students, sixth formers for those like myself who still think in terms of old money, what they should study at university I reply with a set of questions. Specifically, why do you want to go?

Physician, heal thyself

The Learn or Earn strategy to combat youth unemployment is the Governments latest attempt at promoting a “no excuses” culture for unemployed young people.

Students, well done, but take advice, please!

First, congratulations to all who have successfully won a place at university. Without a doubt, a UK university degree continues to hold its value worldwide. The headlines for this year’s [...]