For students, university can be a turbulent and challenging time; but it is exactly these experiences that form character and strengthen individuals. The struggles are not uniform, however, and some may have a larger challenge ahead of them than others. Daniel and Ashley are two professionals who have persevered through the education system and graduated from university, despite facing hardships that have come with their learning disabilities. Both have AD(H)D but are also both adamant that their diagnoses are challenges, not excuses, and both believe there are equally as many benefits as there are hindrances that come with the disorder. I have recently interviewed them to discuss their experience at university, which entails some shocking, but also some humorous, stories. The main outcome of their experiences, they have concluded, is that the seemingly negligible experiences resultant of having AD(H)D have compounded into a domino effect, which has ultimately resulted in losing control.

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Written by The Students