I’ve got this! Words, sentences, paragraphs and punctuation


I’ve got this’ is designed to help learners develop their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills by improving their grammar.

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I’ve got this’ targets:

  • home educated, home schooled and independent learners,
  • learners between the age of six and nine,
  • learners of any age who need to improve their grammar.

I’ve got this’ is designed around key fundamental concepts:

  • a structure that facilitates progressive acquisition of grammar, providing opportunities for the learner to grow in confidence,
  • simple well explained examples, to aid clarity of understanding,
  • directed exercises, to reinforce learning and support natural knowledge transfer,
  • scaffolding using attractive, logical sequencing,
  • adopting the significant learning benefits associated with images and colour.

I’ve got this’ has four chapters:

  • parts of speech, arranging words and different word groups to create effective sentences,
  • punctuation, the range of symbols used to add colour and flavour to sentences.
  • grouping sentences to form paragraphs, and so expand the learners’ ability to better communicate ideas and messages in greater depth and with greater clarity,
  • the final section, practice makes perfect, offers engaging exercises for the learner to practise the different skills.

I’ve got this’ is written for the learner.


Evaluating the effectiveness of the textbook for home schooled and independent learners

I’ve got this’ has been developed and tested using a basket of qualified teachers, who are also home schoolers, and seven-to-ten-year-old home schooled children. When asked to rate our textbook against learning material that they presently use ‘I’ve got this’ is reported to be over 40% more beneficial for home schooled and independent learners.



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