The selection and recruitment of graduates, young professionals and school leavers has developed into a far more tortuous process. Alexander Partners has put together a series of short booklets, each aimed at providing a greater understanding of how to communicate with would be employers at every stage of the selection process.

Booklet (Being one in a million applicant) 14th July 2016

Being the one in a Million Applicant

The purpose of this booklet is to help you answer employer questions whether written, at interviews, assessment centres or at networking events.

To this end Alexander partners has laid bare the most common methodologies employed by recruiters and hiring managers. Armed with our CSM approach, this publication will help you to get into the mind of your prospective employer.

It will better prepare you to deliver without relying on over-used clichés and buzz words.

Booklet (One in a Million CV and Cover Letter) 15th July 2016

One in a Million CV and Cover Letter

The sole purpose here is to help you craft your narrative and effectively communicate with prospective employers during the assessment and selection process.

Your task is to craft a clean, impactful CV or complete an application form that will get you noticed. A well-crafted CV or completed application form does not mean that you will definitely land the position. It will, however, make the difference between you progressing, or not, to the next assessment stage.

The purpose of a CV is to make a lasting first impression that says to the recruiter, “slow down and get to know me. I’m awesome”.