We work in close partnership with apprentices, graduates and those just launching their careers to increase employability and corporate mobility.

Coaching and Mentoring

We apply a comfortable blend of coaching and mentoring that revolves around you and focuses on maximising your Career Capital. We tackle your specific challenges and develop action plans that best fit your potential.

We take a critical, in-depth look at you, your skills and your aspirations. Then we work with you to set up performance targets. This is the basis of your Evolving Individual Development Program (EIDP). Your EIDP maps out the journey from where you are now to where you want to be. Through your EIDP we provide a personalised support that focuses on improving your Career Capital, and thus enhance your prospects.

Whatever the scenario, increasing your Career Capital will drive the success of your career and professional development.

With Whom

We work in close partnership with apprentices, graduates, and those in the initial stages of their career to increase employability and corporate mobility. Our focus is on:

  • Senior students; to increase their chances of winning a place on a prized graduate programme.
  • Apprentices; to evaluate opportunities after completing the apprenticeship programme.
  • Recent graduates; helping them to make the transition from university to work, avoiding those common mistakes and pitfalls in the initial career stages.
  • Employees in their formative apprenticeship years; to help them make career transitions or simply to improve workplace performance and upward mobility.

Many clients have found that having achieved their goals, they benefit from a longer-term mentoring relationship. We build these relationships by combining our individual mentoring styles with a structured series of regularly scheduled meetings, agreed deliverables and milestones.