Journey’s end. I have finished my degree or postgraduate qualification. No more studying for me. A huge sigh of relief. Now I need a job, or am I after a career? If truth be told I just need to start earning and start living my life. Does all this sound familiar? It does to me, with one graduate, or post-graduate, after another expressing the same sentiments in one form or another as they transition from studying into the work place.

First, let us sort out a principal difference between a job and a career. A job is typically something that we do to pay the bills and to finance those things that you really want to do and/or need to do. Often progressing up the corporate ladder is not the main goal. In contrast, a career is working specifically to develop skills and competencies that you will use as leverage to climb the corporate ladder. This includes working to acquire the necessary contacts, skills and experiences before branching out on your own. I am sure that it is possible to develop more technically sounding definitions but these will suffice.

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Written by Dr Ambroz Neil