Career planning for teenager’s can be scary. There are many resources both within schools and on the internet designed specifically to help students think about life after school. However, the volume and scope of information is often intimidating and could cause some to stick their head in the sand, leading to a sort of analysis paralysis.

The holidays are upon us, which brings additional challenges, however parents should set aside some time to offer advice and guidance to their teenager. Contrary to popular opinion, most teenagers are receptive when encouraged to think boldly about life beyond New Year’s Day.

What can be done to provide the right guidance to meet your child’s continuing needs – academic, emotional, aspirational? As parents, you have worked tirelessly over the years to support your child at all the stages of their development and despite their protests, parental support continues to be important at this stage. Here are a few steps that you can take to get your teenager to be proactive about achieving their career goals.

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Written by Craig Poku