The Labour Market

The Need page imageThe labour market has changed fundamentally. Technology, globalisation and shifting economic interests are creating new opportunities for people with valuable skill sets. Graduates and those who have completed an apprenticeship scheme increasingly need to demonstrate a new type of market savvy and develop the skill sets that employers find valuable.
The old wisdom about what makes a successful candidate no longer applies. The key to success is understanding what employers are looking for right now. With the right combination of academic credentials, relevant on the job experience, tech know-how and personal branding, candidates can maximise their opportunities.

Previously sought after candidates are being pushed to the side by a new breed. More than simply well qualified, they embody a new mix of competencies and personality traits that employers need to maintain their competitive edge. As the global economy moves towards a ‘higher value, smarter tech’ mix of products and services, candidates must embrace this new reality. If you want, to land a spot on a coveted graduate level programme then you must increase those skills, competencies and experiences, personal characteristics and motivations that make you valued by employers; simply put increase your Career Capital.

Final Year Student

Whether you are in your final year on an apprenticeship scheme, as an undergraduate or completing your Masters or Ph.D., the question is the same; how do you secure the best start to the next phase of your life? Our objective is clear. We want to position you in such a way that you have greater career opportunities.

Recently Apprenticed

Making the transition from an apprentice to a being fully employed requires a change in mindset. Whether you are employed by the same company where you did your apprenticeship or a new employer, the career journey has just started. Managing the inevitable gap between your career expectations and that of the company is a must. It is hoped that your time as an apprentice has prepared you to compete with any incoming graduate workforce.

Recent Graduate

The first few months can be most challenging. You have left a world where expectations and metrics of success are clear. You have had a strong support network and tolerance for your mistakes. You need to learn new habits and to adapt to the world where goals may be unclear, rules unstated and competition ruthless to continue your trajectory. As you have no doubt found out, you often only get one chance to make a good impression, and you are only as good as your last job.

The ‘Formative’’ Years

Your first years in the workplace may have been disappointing. The progression you expected in recognition of your consistent efforts has not materialised. Perhaps you are a little baffled by office politics or have found yourself in a rut.
At Alexander Partners, we deliver one clear and specific service; we increase your personal employability value to employers by developing and managing your Career Capital.