Career Capital and Employability

Demands of the labour market are ever-changing, driven by new technologies and the economic landscape. Consequently, employers are seeking different combinations of skills and attributes in new graduates in order to safeguard their competitive edge. Graduates and job seekers must therefore keep pace with the necessary skill sets sought by employers.

With the varying challenges in the employment marketplace, understanding employers’ hiring skill set priorities can place you in a competitive position. By considering employability as a set of achievements, skills, and personal attributes, you are more likely to gain employment and be successful in your chosen occupation. Simply put, Career Capital encompasses your skills, competencies and motivational factors that are valued by employers. It is the culmination of both the innate qualities and skills that are picked up along the way.

Your CV, First Contact

The first opportunity to present yourself to a potential employer is through your CV or application form. Both must showcase the strengths of your Career Capital. The challenge is to craft a clean, impactful CV or complete an application form that will get you noticed.

Remember, your CV is a self-marketing tool that you use to introduce yourself to potential employers. It is not an autobiography. It is an advertisement that highlight, in glorious technicolour, your Competencies, Skills and Motivation (CSM) as reflected in your skills, abilities, accomplishments and preferences; your Career Capital.

There are some key questions that you need to address when crafting your CV:

  1. How strong is your Career Capital?
  2. Does your CV effectively sell the strength of your Career Capital?
  3. How closely do your Competencies, Skills and Motivation match the career opportunity?

Alexander Partners provides expert advice on how to improve your CV, increase your Career Capital, and find the career path that is right for you.

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