The right attitude can determine the difference between a lifetime of failures and one’s eventual success. Often people equate “ the right attitude” with a willingness to put up with abuse, being obnoxiously upbeat and optimistic, and enduring months of thankless drudgery in the hopes of being recognized for your dedication. And while there will always be a certain amount of drudgery associated with building your career or a successful business, the “right” attitudes have nothing to do with being a cheerful doormat.

Your attitude is often the result of our expectations. What are the expected trade-offs and rewards? What are we looking to achieve by working? Once you have a realistic expectation of what you must do to achieve your goals, the right attitude will soon follow. You will be motivated, prepared, and have greater job satisfaction. You might even be unusually pleasant.

So what separates people that eventually achieve their goals from people who give up and give in? What is the right attitude? Below are the four beliefs that will help you have “the right attitude”, whether you are accepting your first job or starting your own business.

  • There is no such thing as an overnight success. On average, most overnight successes spend ten years grinding it out before they have their big break. Ten years of auditions, failures, tiny successes, and non-stop effort. So if you fail to land your dream gig, or any job at all, after six months of looking do not be disappointed. Nobody hiring? How about doing some volunteer work while you wait? Keep pushing, keep working. Eventually, you will find your opportunity.
  • You will have to work hard, every day. There is no such thing as easy money or shortcuts to lasting success. While your work life doesn’t have to resemble a training montage from an action film, it will require a lot of early mornings, late nights, and personal sacrifice. Get used to that idea. Constant effort is what separates the gurus from the disciples. Embrace it, and get excited about the fact that you are getting one step closer to success each day.
  • The master fails more times than the student has tried. Rejection is inevitable. You will try things that don’t work. You will fail miserably. You will discover that you have some talents and even more weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to explore options and take on new tasks. Risk taking is key to mastery. Don’t be afraid to admit that you aren’t good at some things AND don’t be afraid to work hard until you ARE.
  • You aren’t special. The universe doesn’t owe you a shot at your dream. You aren’t more deserving than anybody else. Luck is a myth. It is the result of hard work, preparation, and patient perseverance. Rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands dirty is something that even CEOs have to do regularly. Don’t let past successes make you think you are immune to failure or rejection.

A good attitude is a result of knowing who you are, what you want, and accepting the price you will have to pay to attain it. Once you understand that getting the degree or training needed to enter your chosen field is just the beginning of a long journey, you will be ready to begin building your success.