Advising a teenager is never easy, even more so when the teenager is your son or daughter. As a parent, I ask myself, am I telling them the right things, am I advising them to do the things I would have done or what is best for them? Is their world so different from mine when I was their age?

These days there is a tug of war raging between pursuing a university degree and gaining experience via an apprenticeship. Is there a “right” answer or is this a case of different but equal?

The pros and cons of both paths have been, and will continue to be, expounded by supporters on both sides for many different reasons. At present, there is a push for young adults to consider apprenticeships in preference to attending university. Equally, there is an acceptance that the cocktail of degrees being offered by a growing army of universities increasingly has diluted the value of having a degree – unless it is from a top university and in a subject regarded as academically rigorous.

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Written by Latha Kathirkamathamby