As a potential employee, your prospective employer will first know about you from those written documents that you prepare and send on. Your written communication will be assessed not only for content but also for style and manner; what impression is made. Successfully progressing onto interview stages will necessitate a different approach to communicating your suitability. It must be acknowledged that written communication and face-to-face communication are different. Success in both demands that the differences be respected.


Advanced Writing Skills

This course will devote time to writing responses to job related applications, being persuasive, making recommendations and conveying specific messages. All training will reflect current word usage and up to date formatting.

This one-day training will assist participants in:

  • Keeping their writing clear, concise, and grammatically sound.
  • Improving sentence construction and paragraph development.
  • Dealing with specific business requests that call on strong writing skills.
  • Creating effective business cases, proposals, and reports.
  • Thoroughly documenting sources that are used or referenced.


Mastering the Interview

The job market is fierce. Having any edge to secure the position you have studied, worked, and prepared for is, therefore, a must. In this intensive one-day training course participants will come to:

  • Understand the interview process
  • Effectively answer questions
  • Follow up on the interview
  • Manage common problems and solutions.


Additional Relevant Courses

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Personal Dynamics
  • Interpersonal Dynamics