Anybody who has ever expressed an interest in becoming an “artist” has probably dealt with a slew of well-meaning people trying to dash their hopes and kill their dreams; quietly. By artist I mean any of the many creative fields such as writing, dancing, acting, music, sculpting. Not all careers have marked paths. Creative careers often unfold in unconventional ways and are fraught with huge pitfalls. While successful artists can rise to dizzying heights, there are many more who end up broke and broken.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue a career in fine arts or any creative field. The stories you don’t often hear are of those who make a decent living doing what they love. They may not sell out arenas or hang in famous galleries, but they have never missed a mortgage payment, and they didn’t have to give up on what they love. To have this kind of success, creatives must look at their career in a very different manner.

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Written by Jameka Neil