Finding and retaining talent is an increasingly important corporate objective. Because employee turnover can be a major drain on any company’s resources, picking the right people and effective talent management will boost performance across all areas of an organisation. Devising a talent management plan that not only brings in the best people for the job but quickly and effectively acclimates them to the corporate culture becomes a must for competitiveness. Consequently, the most competitive companies invest real time, finance and energy into talent recruitment and retention.

How do you know you have the right people? How do you keep them invested in your vision? How do you support new hires who, in their formative months, may struggle with the corporate culture? Not having effective and adequate answers to these questions means that your organisation is probably haemorrhaging financial resources in the one place you can least afford to neglect: your workforce.

This publication reproduces the discussion between Ambroz Neil, the Managing Principal Consultant of Alexander Partners, and an old colleague Dr John Hobart. It is both frank and revealing, homing in on the principal talent management challenges that we face today, and ideas on how to be at the front of the curve in solving them.


You can read the full interview here.


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