Many of our clients receive our support through secondary education, university and into the work environment. Our service has and continues to deliver a seamless transition. Our clients have gone on to earned positions with companies that range from UBS, Barclays, Rolls Royce, BAC through to Johnson & Johnson and the NHS and, continue to benefit from our support. Our commitment remains simple and unwavering; we increase marketability by developing and managing their Career Capital.

The quality of our personalised service is wholly reflective of our commitment to delivering on our agreed targets and overall aims. Our corporate culture is built upon a commitment to reliability and steely determination in pursuit of client success.


“Sometimes the hardest part is finding your purpose.”
Ruairi, Durham University, Graduate Scheme

“I had talents and abilities that I never really knew I had. My coach was somebody who understood the process and peculiarities, and could help me to define my goals. That was really valuable. Once I understood what I needed to do, it was easier to take advantage of the opportunities that came my way. Being prepared for eventualities empowered me. Without the support, it would have been easy for me to slip through the cracks.”

“It’s easy to get caught up in your everyday stuff. Personal struggles and distractions can destroy your focus and sap your will to succeed. Staying true to your goals begins by surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and keep you motivated. My coach never allowed me to get away with excuses. He never gave up even when I wanted to.”

“You can’t succeed alone. Every lasting success is the result of teamwork.”
Laura, Imperial College Accountancy
“Once we discovered my passion, the sky was the limit.”
Sasha, University of Roehampton NHS

“Like most undergraduates, I had little idea about career, believing that with enough effort I could do pretty much whatever I wanted. Choosing was the hardest part. Once we found things that really interested me, my coach prepared me to excel.”

“Post mentoring I think I received the same advice about work and school that everybody else got; nose to the grindstone, etc. Support from my mentor highlighted that there is so much more to success than just good grades and a smart haircut. To truly succeed I first needed to find ways to tune and showcase my talents.”

“The old-fashioned way is no longer the only way; we need new strategies for a new age.”
Jason, Kings College Post-graduate Ph.D (France)
“With the right support, I was able to show the world how much I had to offer.”
Ahsan, Manchester Medical School Orthopaedic Specialist

“I lacked focus and confidence. I had something to give to the world, but didn’t know what it was, and nobody was even sure that I had it. While working with my coach, I discovered that I could accomplish a lot with my life if I have a solid plan and support. Once I started having successes I realised that I could continue to raise my expectations.”

“Anybody trying to get into the legal profession will tell you how difficult it is to get a training contract. Jumping this last hurdle is a difficult process. With help from my mentor I succeed.”

I couldn’t have done it on my own.
Nezar, Durham University Training Contract, Law
“I needed somebody who wouldn’t settle for anything less than my best; that’s what I got.”
Rachel, Durham University Nursing, Student

“If your priorities aren’t in the proper order it’s easy to let things slip away from you. If you don’t prioritise well you begin to procrastinate, and if you procrastinate you lose out on great opportunities. My coach helped me to keep my priorities in order and focus on the goals that really mattered. When I met challenges, I received sympathy but was never allowed to lose focus or wander off course.”


“I understand now that the only expectations that matter are the ones I set for myself.”
Oscar, Loughborough University Sales Consultant

“In life, all types of people make excuses why they can’t do something well. All of my life I was told only to focus on those things that naturally came easily to me. But, my coach and I developed an individualised plan that addressed my needs, my weaknesses. The one-on-one mentoring that I received helped me map out a career direction, and gave me the confidence to try things that I found challenging.”

“At the start of my first year at University, I decided that whatever I ended up doing I wanted to do it well. At every stage, from my first degree through my Masters and finally work I received quality support from my mentor.”

“There was never a step that I wasn’t prepared for.”
Mira, Cass, Post-Graduate Client Services Associate (Finance)
“I never felt like I had to figure things out on my own. There was always somebody there to help me avoid the pitfalls.”
Richard, Oxford University Investment Banking (Analyst)

“Moving from student life to work can be a bit daunting. Even if you have great qualifications on paper, it doesn’t mean you will have success in the corporate world. I wasn’t a student who struggled to perform academically. But, translating that success into a promising career proved tougher than I anticipated. I was very lucky to have somebody on my side who worked with me hands-on. I was helped to avoid some of the common mistakes that I now know are regularly made by graduates.”

“Failure to act is a crime against self. To take control of my life, I needed people who understood what I was entering. Mentoring helped me to understand better my options and what I could expect in different situations. I was better able to go from university to where I am now. What I needed was a firm and steady hand, and that is exactly what I received.”

“I got the guidance I needed to be proactive in my success.”
Martin, University College London, Post Graduate Consultant
“In the end, I was the one blocking my success.”
Punit, Bristol University Veterinary Science

“There was never a time when I was unsure what I wanted to be. My goal was well defined, but my path tricky. The support I received helped to keep me focused and moving forward despite setbacks. The solid advice and preparation I got from my mentor helped me to overcome obstacles I never realized I would have to face. I had somebody who was willing to stick with me for the long haul.”


“I decided many years ago to take advantage of every piece of sincere advice I receive. It can be hard to tell who has your best interest at heart, but I was lucky to develop a long term relationship with my mentor. We worked together throughout my academic career, preparing for each stage and mapping out strategies for success. As I moved into work and as my career progressed, I continue to find that the advice I have grown to trust continues to be even more valuable.”

“We all need good advice from somebody who has been there since the beginning.”
Alex, Cass Post-Graduate Vice-President, Banking
“My coach was never more than a phone call away, and that made all the difference.”
Hugh, Oxford Post Graduate Investment Banking

“After university my path has been a bit of a winding road. Through all of my adventures, I could always make a call and get the guidance I needed from my mentor. He always had time for me, and as long as I was willing to put forth the effort, he was prepared to work with me to accomplish my goals.”

“Like a lot of people, I was stuck in a rut. I had a job, and I was moving along with life, but professionally I was stuck. I made the decision to invest in the kind of future I wanted to have instead of accepting what I had. When my mentor suggested I go back to university I knew it was risky, but I received support during this period and with gaining that job that better met my aspiration.”

“I was already working when I found them, and investing in my success completely changed my life and my career.”
Rasheed, Imperial College, Post-Graduate Engineering
“Now that I have embraced a role that is right for me, I am much happier and much more productive.”
Craig, Kings College (London) Ph.D (Leeds University)

“The image of success that I built for myself was not the best for me. Whilst pursuing the goals I thought I should have, I wasted time and effort in roles that I was not suited for. The greatest takeaway from the coaching I received was finding my niche. I now know that with preparation I can succeed, but with proper focus I can excel because I will be in the place where I belong.”