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Industry and knowledge depth and breadth combined with a wealth of experience are the cornerstone of our ability to deliver. As a member of the Association of Coaching, we uphold the clearly stated code of ethics and best practice.

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Ambroz Neil

Dr Ambroz Neil has been helping his clients stand out in a crowd for over a decade. His no-nonsense approach has helped countless young people successfully make the transition from academia to industry and stay relevant to industry leaders. Numerous schools, colleges and bodies, including Oxford and The CTC Trust, have benefited from his expertise on how best to turn promising academic performance into a booming career.

Trading as Alexander & Associates, Ambroz has more than 20 years of experience in management consultancy. His in-depth understanding of the correlation between customer satisfaction, management models and effective research techniques have brought the likes of Exxon/Mobil, British Sugar, DHL, British Salt and Wirral Hospital Trust to his doorstep. It has also made him acutely aware of what it takes to remain competitive in today’s business world.

Ambroz combines effective goal setting with a long-term vision to help his clients develop a personalised strategy that embraces their passions and address real-world challenges. His clients benefit most directly from his relatability and ability to find practical solutions to complex problems in real time.

Teresa Connolly

Teresa Connolly has always been passionate about helping people overcome their difficulties and reach their personal summit. Mentoring since 2009, she began her career working with ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students more than 20 years ago. Working with adult learners as well as young people, she has guided countless onto the path of personal and professional achievement.

Teresa believes in her client’s power to change their career’s trajectory when strategic thinking and proper attitude collide. She has witnessed this fusion as a Mentor Coordinator at West Thames College and in her work with the University of Northampton. During her years working with Open University, she stressed the need to be flexible and innovative whilst working within the University framework. Teresa’s ability to develop relationships with stakeholders ensures that her unique projects come to fruition.

Teresa’s clients benefit most directly from her ability to see their strengths and weaknesses clearly, and to design inventive strategies that showcase their unique appeal. Her enthusiasm to see her clients shine makes her a valuable member of our team.

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Juliana Storey

Juliana Storey has over twenty years of experience, putting the right people with the right resources, and helping them to find their path to success. Juliana combines practical understanding of the current jobs market with progressive and targeted goal setting, to coach her clients to the future they have envisioned for themselves.

Her career has taken her to board rooms and advisory committees, as a Vice Principle for Regent Independent School and Sixth Form College as well as a Business Development Manager for Crown Academy. Juliana’s approach stems from her time at London School of Commerce, where she found that what most clients needed was to develop personal skills that allow them to maximise their talents. Her years as a liaison officer between academic institutions and the business sector have made her a sharp and shrewd marketer. She knows what employers are looking for, and she has designed multiple programmes to help them get it. Juliana brings that same experience and enthusiasm to helping her clients rebrand themselves.